Why Bridgevine

For over a decade, Bridgevine has pioneered customer acquisition solutions and along the way, we’ve learned volumes about converting diverse home service offers into simple and easy to digest comparisons to virtually any home in the US. We’re also pushing the envelope by equipping these teams with the tools, training and culture needed to design digital commerce technologies that will forever change the face of how home and small business services are presented and purchased online.

Our Technology

The balance of supply and demand

Bridgevine balances supply and demand through speed, scale and customer targeting. Our technology brings together buyers and sellers of products and services for connected homes and small businesses. We make ideal matches that translate into growth and long-term, happy customers for our valued business partners, minimizing churn.

Customer acquisition pioneers

For over a decade, Bridgevine has pioneered customer acquisition for premier home service brands. We build complex systems that reach into providers’ systems and extract details about service availability and pricing offers. Then we identify potential customers and develop sophisticated techniques for meshing complex data in a way that enables us to power marketplaces and help ensure customers are matched with just the right services they need at the right time using the right device.


Iterative Development Cycles

Bridgevine is obsessed with the customer journey. We nurture a culture of innovation and collaboration that enables our teams to think big and iterate quickly. Continuous development is built into our core processes to ensure ongoing improvement. As a result, Bridgevine delivers excellent performance in sales conversion, customer satisfaction, and technology leadership.

Extend Customer Reach

It becomes more challenging every day to engage where, when and how customers prefer as they gain increased control in purchasing goods and services through various channels. The solution? An omni-channel delivery platform increasing your response rates by presenting offers through a wide range of engagement methods including traditional media, search, social, mobile, and display.

Simplified Integration

A true marketplace involves a mix of legacy systems, internal IT resources, and operational expenses that co-exist in multiple development platforms. Maintaining this challenging environment often consumes significant time and resources and can make new integration projects a complex and unwarranted undertaking. With this complexity in mind, Bridgevine delivers streamlined customer acquisition solutions designed to be up and running quickly, often in a matter of weeks. We limit IT involvement on your end and do the heavy lifting to dramatically reduce development intervals and quickly drive offers to market.

A Dynamic Catalog

At Bridgevine, we begin with the move and expand past a single event to include savers who want to reduce their expenses, seekers who need to protect their investments through warranties, as well as innovative millennials and growth businesses who desire to upgrade to the latest digital home and small business services. Our end goal is to help buyers navigate their increasingly interconnected homes and offices through choices and options.