Modern utility companies must constantly respond to rising customer expectations, increasing government mandates, disruptive technologies, and ongoing pressure to cut costs. It has never been more critical to provide great customer experiences and build deeper customer relationships that extend beyond the meter – and beyond the move.

Approximately 13% of the customers in your footprint will move in a given year, and the utility company is one of the first calls they will make. Partnering with Bridgevine enables companies to turn these initial points of contact into trusted relationship moments by offering our catalog of home services and rebate offers with the efficiency of a single call.

But what about the 87% of your customers who won’t be moving?

We have a customer-centric focus; we understand consumer behavior and the many life events that will cause your customers to need new or additional home services. Bridgevine’s expansive catalog, dynamic digital marketplace, and new customer engagement strategies for social and mobile help us reach your customers where they want to be reached with relevant education, incentives, and right-fit offers that bring them back to you, drive customer satisfaction, and build trust in your brand.

Bridgevine understands the value of connecting with your customers where, when and how they want to connect and leveraging those connection points to promote new programs, education, and services. Our digital expertise, engaging campaigns, and customer centricity will increase your customer engagements, enhance your customer satisfaction scores, and build brand affinity.



Bridgevine’s full-service e-commerce marketplace helps you acquire new customers for deregulated products and optimize your existing customer base. We help you enhance your utility brand and your position as a trusted advisor by recommending new value-added products and digital services. These include: smart thermostats, cable TV and Internet access, home automation and security, and other products for the modern connected home, along with exclusive coupons and money-saving offers.


Digital Marketing

Technology has put customers into the driver’s seat, letting them control how, where, and when they buy. Many consumers break up their shopping into “micro-moments” and wait until they have an immediate need to make a purchase. Through our omni-channel marketing platform that combines digital and offline marketing, Bridgevine locates these elusive consumers, anticipates their micro-moments, and connects them with your brand and services exactly when they are ready to buy.



Harness the power of social networking and turn your customers into brand advocates with Bridgevine’s social referral marketing solution, SocialShare. SocialShare allows you to quickly and easily set up a customer rewards program that allows your customers to share special, exclusive offers with their social networks – and earn rewards whenever one of their friends signs up. This solution is integrated with all major social media channels, has email and mobile capabilities, and “offline attribution” – even if the referred customer completes the transaction over the phone, the referral tracking remains intact.


Nobody understands movers as well as Bridgevine. Because of our deep knowledge of the mover experience, Bridgevine locates specific mover audiences at precise points during their moves, then presents them with relevant products and services that they need at that specific moment in time. Our MoverMedia solution is omni-channel, utilizing email, social, search, and display marketing to engage with movers throughout their entire move, from the moment they decide through the time they’re unpacking boxes and setting up their new home.

Our Solutions

At Bridgevine, we’re all about the customer. Through our e-commerce marketplaces, enrollment programs, omni-channel marketing initiatives, as well as SocialShare™ and MoverMedia™ solutions, Bridgevine can help you acquire new customers and bring additional value to your existing customer base.