About Us

We Understand Home Services – and How to Sell Them

Customer acquisition isn’t just about data and technology; it’s about people. Bridgevine is the leader in home services customer acquisition because we understand customers and their needs. We identify, attract, and engage consumers at their precise moment of need and match them with the best mix of home products and services. In 2015, we delivered over $1.9 billion in revenue to premier brands such as Comcast, AT&T/DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, CenturyLink, Florida Power and Light, and Constellation Energy. And, we accomplished all of this inside a growing $+40 billion performance-based marketing industry.

We Understand Consumers

We don’t just understand customers and consumer marketing – we understand the home, the people, the data, and how to leverage these to acquire new customers.  We also know how to optimize existing customer bases with a robust home service catalog of relevant offers at the exact time of need. Our leadership team has a combined total of almost half a century of ecommerce experience including a wealth of expertise in contact center operations, omni-channel strategies and delivery, digital marketing, and technology platforms.

We are the Home of Customer Acquisition

Each month, Bridgevine engages with over 8 million consumers; 1 out of every 4 households uses our customer acquisition platforms each year. We use our extensive experience, specialized technology, data and consumer behavior expertise to drive acquisition, growth, revenue, and innovation for our iconic business partners.

With new e-commerce trends and technologies coming down the pike every day, it’s not just today’s customers, markets, and consumer choices you have to be ready for, but tomorrow’s, and tomorrow is today. Where is the market headed and why? How do we identify the next generation of customers, what messages will engage them to buy and what devices or digital channel will they consume it on?

This is what we obsess about every day…